Wanna Get Laid?

Stuart and Michelle get frisky in the shower

Stuart and Michelle shower togetherLove’s young dream Stuart and Michelle get into the shower and soap each other up.

After pursuing quiet Stuart shamelessly for a few days, the young man has relented and succumbed to older Michelle’s advances. And who can blame him, she is gorgeous!

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Shell and Michelle have a sexy mud wrestle

Topless mud wrestling in Big BrotherDrunk hotties Shell and Michelle brought topless mud wrestling to Big Brother 5 when they stripped to their knickers, smeared eachother in mud and tried to pin each other to the ground. Very, very erotic!

And if that wasn’t enough girl-on-girl action for you, they washed together in the showers afterwards.

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Michelle does a Lady Godiva in the BB house

Michell Bass streaks around the Big Brother gardenSexy brunette Michelle decided to do a daring streak around the Big Brother garden cheered on by the other housemates, showing the world full frontal nudity. Well played!

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