Wanna Get Laid?

Oops – stacked blonde has a nipple slip!

A nipple slip from KingaThe ridiculous costume that Big Brother gave Kinga to wear ia too small for her gigantic breasts and it was only a matter of time before she spilled out of it.

That time has arrived and the bored halfway housemate didn’t notice that her left nip was peeking out from under her bikini-style top.

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Busty BB babe flashes her boobs

Kinga flashes her breastsFeisty houseguest Kinga flashes her huge natural tits at her fellow contestants.

The stacked 20 year old is an amazing FF cup and she wasted no time giving everybody a real eyeful.

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Kinga stuffs a wine bottle up her pussy

Kinga shocks her housemates with her infamous wine bottle stuntA very drunk Kinga is desperate to make an impression in her short time in the house and decides to try and shock her fellow house mates by behaving as outrageously as she can.

So in the lounge in front of a disbelieving Anthony she takes an empty wine bottle and pretends to insert it up her pussy and masturbate with it. She stops short of actually doing it, but then takes the bottle out into the garden, lies on her back in the semi-dark and seems to put it in. Anthony’s face is a picture at this point!

She later claimed she didn’t really do it and that the editors cut some footage to make it look much worse than it actually was, but the camera never lies and Kinga will forever be known as the girl who put a wine bottle into her vagina on national TV.

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Kinga goes topless in the pool

Kinga topless in the poolBubbly Kinga delighted the boob men amongst us when she took off her bikini top and unveiled her massive boobs while playing about in the pool.

The chubby cutie from a Polish background whipped her tits out and allowed gay Anthony to throw her about the pool so that her big jugs would sway and bounce.

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Stacked Kinga lets slip one of her tits

Kinga nip slipBusty newcomer Kinga and her fellow halfway housemates Eugene and Orla have been forced to shower at the crack of dawn while all the other housemates are still asleep. If the regular housemates find out they are there, the halfway housemates will fail their task and not be allowed to join as full HMs.

So whilst rushing around to shower quickly and quietly, Kinga accidentally let one of her massive breasts show as she struggled to pull her towel around her.

Let’s hope this beauty makes it into the house and shows off more of that great looking rack!

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