Wanna Get Laid?

Pregnant Chanelle recreates Demi’s famous pose

Pregnant Chanelle shows off her bump

It’s not much of a bump for a 6 month pregnant woman, but then 22 year old Chanelle has always been a petite little thing.

The former Big Brother contestant is due to give birth to her baby having split up from its father and is admant she’ll have the support of her parents and sister in her hometown of Leeds, England to help raise it.

Good luck to her I say.

Chanelle gives Ziggy a blow job in the shower!

Ziggy gets a treat from ChanelleChanelle shed her virginal girl-next-door image as she and Ziggy got up to naughties in the shower.

They tried to hide from the cameras by placing towels over the semi-transparent shower screen, but that didn’t really work and Chanelle then slid down to sit on the shower floor and suck off lucky Ziggy.

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Chanelle shows her arse

Chanelle's cute arseOops, Chanelle’s towel is just a little too short to preserve her modesty as the naughty BB cameraman zooms in for a closer look at her great buns.

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A cheeky upskirt from Chanelle

Chanelle bum flash19 year old Chanelle had a wardrobe malfunction when her short skirt rode up revealing her ass.

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Getting Ziggy with it

Chanelle's ass glimpseNubile hot babe Chanelle showed more than she intended when she had an upskirt moment cuddling hunky Ziggy on his bed.

Her skirt rode up showing off much of her peachy ass (she must’ve been wearing a very skimpy thong) and he had to be a gentleman and pull it down for her.

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